How to Recognize the Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth typically erupt in the late teens to early twenties. If you are like most people, these additional molars will need to be removed. There is rarely enough room to comfortably accommodate them, especially since they typically appear after orthodontic work has been performed and teeth are in an ideal position. For some people, wisdom teeth become impacted, and their removal is a medical necessity. How will you know if you need to schedule an appointment to remove wisdom teeth in Palm Harbor, FL? More than likely, one of our dentists will tell you after viewing your x-rays and evaluating your teeth and gums at your regular checkup. If not, then you should become aware of the signs of impaction so that you know when to seek treatment.

Call Us if You Experience These Symptoms

If you still have your wisdom teeth and notice any changes in your oral health, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment. Impacted teeth can quickly become a problem. Symptoms of impaction include:

·         Pain at the site of the teeth or radiating outward

·         Difficulty opening your mouth

·         Swollen, tender and/or bleeding gums

·         Inflammation of the jaw or facial area around the teeth

·         Swollen glands in the neck

·         Constant bad breath or a bad taste

·         Headaches

Delays Can Cause Complications

The symptoms caused by impacted wisdom teeth in Palm Harbor, FL, will not simply go away without treatment. Ignoring headaches or jaw pain will only allow the condition to advance. Impacted teeth can damage the surrounding, healthy teeth by spreading infection or decay. They may also push the neighboring teeth out of place. Another risk is that the sac containing the wisdom teeth can potentially fill with fluid and become a cyst, damaging nearby nerves.

If you believe that your wisdom teeth are impacted or you are experiencing changes in your oral health, call Palm Harbor Dentistry. Doctors Knellinger, Verkler, and Bou want to ensure your comfort and help you improve the health of your smile. Make your appointment today.

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