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We offer sedation dentistry to make your visits more relaxing.

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Relief from Dental Anxiety

Fear of dentistry is nothing new. Whether you have mild anxiety over a complex procedure or suffer from an extreme fear of needles, our oral sedation dentists can alleviate stress with sedation dentistry. You no longer have to avoid getting the dental care you need. You can enjoy complete relaxation during your dental visits with sleep dentistry.

Who Suffers from Dental Anxiety?

Many people are apprehensive about going to the dentist for treatment. You are not alone. Our dentists completely understand and expect that varying levels of anxiety may result from:

Total Relaxation with Oral Sedation Dentists

Our oral sedation dentists offer oral sedation, allowing you to relax completely during your visit. You will be prescribed an oral sedative that you will take an hour before your appointment. As the pill will work quickly to relax you, a companion will be required to transport you. Our oral sedation dentists will be able to work safely and effectively, delivering much needed treatment while you rest comfortably. The effects are long lasting so you may feel groggy for several hours after your visit with our oral sedation dentist in Palm Harbor, FL.

The Benefits of an Oral Sedation Dentist

Relief from mild to severe anxiety
Reduces memory of the treatment
Increases your cooperation
Ability to relax in the dental chair
Get needed care without the stress
Lessens gag reflex

"There are people here that do remarkable things. And their concern and compassion for you is beyond anywhere I've gone, especially in a dentists office. My fear of coming to a dentist has totally been alleviated."

-Eileen Y.

The Advantage of Choosing Sedation Dentistry

We know that not all of our patients are comfortable at the dentist which is why we offer sedation dentistry. If you’d like to learn more about your sedation options, complete the form to download your FREE copy of our The Advantage of Choosing Sedation Dentistry article!

Our Family Taking Care of Yours

Our entire team is honored to treat all your family members, from kids to grandparents. For more information on our pediatric services, contact our office today for an appointment with Dr. Dan KnellingerDr. Stacey Verkler or Dr. Carol Bou-Sliman.