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Do You Have Gum Disease?

The signs of gum disease are unmistakable yet many ignore them, believing that periodontal infection will eventually resolve itself or not knowing the consequences of untreated gum disease. Symptoms of gum disease may include bleeding gums, bad breath, receding gums, loose teeth, or bone loss. Immediate treatment in Palm Harbor, FL is recommended by Dr. Dan KnellingerDr. Stacey Verkler, and Dr. Carol Bou-Sliman to protect your smile and your overall wellness from this chronic infection.

If you are suffering from gum disease but have been putting off treatment due to anxiety over gum surgery, you may be an ideal candidate for laser dentistry in Palm Harbor, FL. Knellinger Dental Excellence offers LANAP® laser treatment to keep your mouth healthy while preserving your overall comfort.

Enjoy a Healthier Smile with LANAP® Laser Gum Treatment

With the LANAP®procedure, our doctors are able to slip a fine laser tip between the teeth and gums, preventing the need for surgical incision into your gum tissue. The light from the laser evaporates bacteria and removes infected tissue, leaving your gums instantly healthier. Tartar is removed from the roots of the teeth with ultrasonic scalers, and the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser is utilized to stimulate the regeneration of bone. The entire treatment is performed without scalpels or sutures.

The Benefits of LANAP® Laser Treatment

Our dental experts recommend LANAP® laser treatment for the safe and effective treatment of gum disease. When compared to traditional gum surgery, the LANAP®protocol offers numerous benefits:

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Patient Review


"If you do have a problem and you have any doubts go to Knellinger's office and get a second opinion if nothing else. Because you really, really owe it to yourself to find out about these programs that they have and this LANAP Laser treatment... I am beyond thrilled."

-Nicole A.

LANAP Laser Procedure Article

Laser dentistry offers our doctors the ability to treat your gum disease without a scalpel or sutures. If you’re interested in this minimally invasive procedure, complete the form to download your FREE copy of our LANAP Laser Procedure article!

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