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Missing Teeth? You're Not Alone!

Loss of permanent teeth is an unfortunate occurrence for any individual, though it may have been the most appropriate course of treatment to preserve oral and overall health. Regardless of the reasons for tooth loss, adults who are missing teeth suffer in a number of ways, especially if the absence of teeth becomes prolonged. Fortunately, a number of options exist to address the incidence of tooth loss, even when replacing a full arch of missing teeth is required. In such cases, Dr. Dan Knellinger, Dr. Stacey Verkler and Dr. Carol Bou-Sliman may recommend options involving the placement of dentures in Palm Harbor, FL.

1 %

Of adults 60+ have lost all their teeth.

1 %

Of edentulous patients wear dentures.

Replacing Missing Teeth Is Convenient and Affordable

When it comes to replacing a full arch of missing teeth, dentures offer several benefits. Features rendering dentures an attractive option for tooth replacement include:


Dentures are an easy restoration to design, fabricate and place and allow for daily removal to make daily cleaning easier.


Fabricated from lightweight, innovative materials, today’s dentures provide greater comfort and a better fit than prostheses of the past.

Permanent Options

For permanence and enhanced stability, dentures can be supported by dental implants strategically placed within the jaw bone.


Traditional dentures offer a cost-effective option for tooth replacement.

Immediate Use

Immediate dentures can be placed the same day tooth extractions occur.

Preserve Face Shape

Preserve structure of facial features, including the lips, cheeks & side profile.

Dentures Offer an Attractive Answer to Missing Teeth

Thanks to upgrades in materials and technological advancements in the field of prosthetic dentistry, the quality, fit and appearance of dentures have all drastically improved. Today’s dentures are far more customized than those of years past, and can even be incorporated into other tooth replacement solutions, such as dental implant procedures. Better fit, improved function and enhanced esthetics all make wearing dentures in modern times a more attractive option than ever before.

Tooth Replacement Is Vital to Health

Addressing tooth loss is paramount to maintaining overall health and well-being. To learn more about your options for replacing missing teeth, contact our Palm Harbor, FL office today to reserve your appointment with Dr. Dan KnellingerDr. Stacey Verkler or Dr. Carol Bou-Sliman.