Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Again With Dental Implants

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Have you missed out on enjoying your favorite foods because of missing teeth? Even if you currently have dentures or a dental bridge, certain foods are usually off-limits. Fortunately, advanced technologies have led to dental implants, which are replacement teeth that mimic your natural ones. If you are looking for dental implants in Palm Harbor, FL, we can help you out.


Types of Implants

Whether you are missing one tooth or a series of teeth, we can recommend the best solution. There are implants to replace just one, a few, or an entire mouth of absent teeth. Because they are permanent and match your existing ones, you can enjoy a full set of teeth throughout your life, without worrying about replacing them over time.


Advantages of Implants

Many people choose to get implants because they offer a variety of advantages over other replacement options. Benefits include:

·         Improved comfort- implants are permanent, so they feel normal and comfortable in your mouth

·         Better oral health- brushing and flossing is usually easy and, because nearby teeth are not adjusted, overall oral health is improved

·         Improved appearance- the dentist will match implants with your own teeth so they look normal

·         Improved speech- implants allow you to speak correctly

·         Better eating- because they function similar to your real teeth, chewing is easy and you can eat your     favorite foods without pain

·         Higher self-esteem- implants result in a full, beautiful smile which helps increase confidence

·         Convenience- unlike dentures, implants don’t require adhesives and don’t need to be removed

·         Durability- most implants are durable enough to last a lifetime


Make an Appointment Today

At Knellinger Dental Excellence, we focus on determining the best solution for your mouth issues. If you have missing teeth and are wondering if dental implants in Palm Harbor, FL are appropriate, make an appointment to discuss your options.

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