Know Which Sweets Are Hard on Your Teeth

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National Taffy Day is on May 23rd, and if you’re a fan of this gooey treat, you probably can’t wait to indulge. Before you get started, we want you to be aware of how too much taffy can be hard on your teeth, and what you should do to protect your mouth before indulging.


Foods That Are Hard on Your Teeth

While it’s okay to relax and enjoy yourself occasionally, many sweets and foods are hard on teeth. Sticky treats like caramels and taffy can stick to teeth, pull off fillings or crowns and even exacerbate conditions like TMJ. Chewing on hard candy like jawbreakers and lollipops can lead to cracked or chipped teeth. Foods like popcorn, citrusy fruits, sports drinks, ice, potato chips and dried fruits can also be hard on your mouth if you eat too much.


Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

You don’t have to go without sweets or candy to have a healthy mouth, you just need to limit your intake and know which ones to enjoy. Dark chocolate actually helps fight tooth decay and harden tooth enamel. Sugarless candy and gum satisfy your sweet tooth without increasing bacteria in the mouth. Candy bars with nuts give you the satisfaction of a treat but break up the stickiness of the candy and may even remove biofilm from your teeth.


Moderate Your Candy Intake

On National Taffy Day, feel free to enjoy one of your favorite sweets, but keep in mind the alarming effects it can have on your teeth if eaten too often. You can protect your teeth with brushing, flossing and a regular check-up and cleaning at the dentist. That way, you can enjoy your favorite foods and still feel comfortable about the shape of your teeth.


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