The Benefits of LANAP

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One amazing advancement in dental technology is the development of laser-assisted treatments to treat gum disease. Gum disease treatments in the past required incisions and sutures, but with new dental strategies and techniques, Dr. Knellinger is able to manage gum disease with a higher treatment success rate. If you’re in need of treatment for any type of gum infections, consider the advantages that are offered by the LANAP laser gum treatment.

How Can It Work?

The LANAP system allows your periodontist to use a dental grade laser to remove the dead or infected tissue that surrounds your teeth to improve the overall health of your mouth. The laser can identify your damaged gum tissue and is able to leave remaining healthy tissue unharmed. This results in harmful oral bacteria to be removed from underneath the gumline.

There are many advantages of undergoing this procedure, including:

·         Less discomfort – there is no need for cutting, scalpels or suturing with laser-assisted surgery. This makes it much more comfortable than traditional surgery.

·         Faster treatment – traditional surgery options require up to four sessions that last an hour each, and patients must schedule follow up visits for check-ups and removal of sutures. With LANAP, treatment is completed in two one-hour visits to our office.

·         Results last – of patients that are treated with laser surgery, 95 percent report that their gum disease is under control and stable after five years.

·         Faster recovery – patients recover faster from laser-assisted surgery and often return to work immediately. Traditional surgery requires a recovery period of 2-4 weeks and patients may have extreme swelling and pain during that time.

Basically, laser gum procedures eliminate the risks that can be contributed to past dental treatments while offering groundbreaking results. Your periodontist can preserve more of the healthy tissue and still leave your gums and teeth free of harmful bacteria, plaque and tartar.


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