Best Options to Get Over Dental Fear

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Fearing a trip to the dentist is a common issue among people of all ages.It may be hard to believe but it’s a very common issue that people deal with on a daily basis. Luckily, with the advancements in dental technology, treatments, and medications there is a solution to suppress any anxiety or fear that is keeping you from receiving the dental help that you need. At Knellinger dental excellence, Dr. Dan knellinger and his expert dental team offer sedation dentistry options to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.


Sedation dentistry is the practice of utilizing various forms of sedation medication as a way to make you feel more relaxed during your dental appointment. Some of the benefits to receiving sedation dentistry are


  • Inducing a state of calmness before during and after your treatment

  • Allows you to remember little to no memory of the procedure

  • Provides a more efficient way of implementing a procedure

  • Reduces gag reflex

  • Allows for multiple procedures to be performed within one appointment


Weather your dental anxiety / fear stems from a previous bad experience, overthinking, or sustaining from oral discomfort, there are different types of sedation you can receive to help negate these feelings. The different types of dental sedation include


  • Local anesthesia

  • Oral sedation

  • IV sedation


At Knellinger Dental Excellence we take great pride in providing our patients with unmatched dental care. If you would like more information on the different sedation options we offer or want to learn about our other services, contact our offices in Palm Harbor, Florida to speak to one of our team members to schedule an appointment with Dr. Knellinger.

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