Fastbraces® vs. Traditional Braces

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Many people associate orthodontics in Palm Harbor, FL, with braces, and there is good reason for that. Braces have a proven history of effectively straightening teeth and fixing malocclusions. While traditional braces are still a great option, advances in dental treatment and technology have made other effective treatment options available as well. When it comes the Fastbraces® versus traditional braces, which fares better?

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have a history of being successful, and that tends to speak for itself. One of the greatest benefits to this option is that in the long run, success is likely to be achieved. The drawbacks of going the traditional route are that they tend to irritate the mouth, they take quite a bit of maintenance, and treatment can last for years.

Fastbraces® Advantages

Fastbraces® are similar in many respects to traditional braces but include a few key benefits. The system uses special brackets that allow for speedier treatment with straightening teeth realigning the jaw. In fact, some people have reached their final results in as little as four months. The system is able to speed up treatment by moving both the crown and root at the same time; with traditional braces, the crown and root are moved separately. In addition to speeding up treatment, Fastbraces® are likely to cost less than paying for braces in the long run.

The Better Option

Ultimately, your course of treatment depends on your personal needs and your consultation with Dr. Dan Knellinger. However, there are few reasons not to go with the faster treatment option when it comes to braces – it ultimately makes it so the patient spends less time and money on treatment.

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