The Importance of Teeth Implants

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Do you wish you had a better smile? As we age, tooth loss grows more common, often due to tooth decay, injuries, or malnutrition. In other cases, chipped or crooked teeth result in an inaccurate bite that makes chewing difficult. Years of smoking or drinking coffee, tea, or soda also results in teeth that are yellow or brown. Fortunately, teeth implants can fix all these problems.


Most times than not, people understand what dentures are. Knowledge of teeth implants tends to be a little more obscure. In short, dental implants are false teeth that are permanently implanted into the jaw. They provide stability and do not slip. These false teeth are to provide a long-term solution to your dental needs. With proper care, they stay looking as good as new for decades to come.  Unlike typical dentures, you will never have to worry about taking them out or having them fall out while you are enjoying your favorite food or while you’re having conversations. The maintenance for implants are as simple as normal oral hygiene. Implants require flossing and brushing at least twice a day to keep them clean and perfect.


Of course, the downside to implants is their cost. This is an incredibly expensive procedure that invites short term jaw pain while healing. Depending on whether you’re replacing one tooth or several, teeth implants may end up costing thousands of dollars. This is why it’s important to consult your dentist before undergoing teeth implant surgery. If your dentist does not specialize in this procedure, it’s likely that he or she can recommend someone who does.


If you consult with your dentist and are willing to undergo the procedure, teeth implants can mean getting a healthy smile, improved chewing, and even better speech that you’ve been longing for. In most cases, only minor adjustments for teeth implants are required once they are installed, as the crowns will need replacing in a decade or two. That aside, teeth implants ensure that your long-term dental problems are a thing of the past. Get in touch with your dentist and learn more today!

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