The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

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More than 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth and about 35 million don’t have any teeth at all. When you consider how important our teeth are to everything we do and even to overall health, these numbers are quite high. Replacing missing teeth via dentures or dental implants is important for several reasons.


Your teeth are a vital part of your appearance. Not only do they show when you smile, speak or laugh, but they help to create the shape of your face. People who are missing several teeth in one spot or who have no teeth at all often have the appearance of pursed lips and sunken cheekbones.


Because teeth affect appearance so much, people who lack them often have lower self-esteem. A lack of confidence translates into other parts of life as well. You may not date or go out with friends. You might even feel as if you were passed over for a job, promotion or another accomplishment due to not having a good smile.


Without teeth, you cannot chew your food properly. If you attempt to eat hard foods or other items that require lots of chewing, you may not break it down enough, which poses a choking hazard. If you are missing many teeth, eventually it will be hard to chew at all, which means you will not be able to enjoy the same things you once loved.


Your teeth are an important part of your ability to speak. Without them, you may not be able to form certain sounds or words correctly, which could make it hard for people to understand you.


Oral health is closely linked to your overall health. For many people, missing teeth is a result of gum disease. Gum disease has been linked to such serious health issues as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and even pancreatic cancer.

Knellinger Dental Excellence provides dentures and dental implants for patients who wish to restore functionality and aesthetics. Schedule a consultation appointment with us to determine which procedure is right for you.

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