How To Determine If Sedation Dentistry Is The Right Choice For You

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Sedation Dentistry has been on the rise and while it has many benefits for dental patients the three most prominent benefits are focused on dental anxiety relief, physical conditions, or feeling self-conscious about your teeth. To learn more about these reasons why sedation dentistry might be the best choice for you read more about them in the paragraphs below:

1. You Experience Severe Dental Anxiety
It is not uncommon for most people to experience minor feelings of anxiety during a dental visit or even a little bit of discomfort during a procedure. However, for a patient who suffers from any form of dental anxiety this anxiety and discomfort is amplified. Also, it makes it difficult for them to have regularly scheduled trips to the dentist for their cleanings or even recommended treatments. If you feel like you have dental anxiety and if you avoid the dentist because of your dental anxiety being so severe then sedation dentistry would be quite beneficial for you.


2. Physical Issues Make Dental Visits Difficult
Physical issues can sometimes make going to the dentist a very difficult process. For example, if you suffer from physical conditions such as having an overactive gag reflex, problems with getting number after being injected with anesthesia, or if you suffer from musculoskeletal problems that make spending time in the dental chair somewhat uncomfortable. If you do suffer from any of these physical conditions, then this can increase the stress you feel even if you are just receiving a simple treatment. In these types of cases you would benefit from sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry can relieve the discomfort associated with these conditions.

3. You Face Other Challenges During Treatment
In addition to helping you if suffer from dental anxiety or if you have physical conditions, sedation dentistry can also benefit you if you have to undergo a more difficult or complex procedure. The use of sedation dentistry in these cases can make you comfortable and under less stress while the necessary but difficult or the complex procedure is completed.

Examining All Of Your Options
At our office we offer sedation dentistry to assist our patient. Also, no matter what type of anxiety you are experiencing our office has sedation to help relieve you of it. Contact us here at our office to set up an appointment. Don’t let anxiety keep you from good oral health.

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