Dental Implant Cost

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Dental implants are one of the most convenient, cost effective, and successful options for dealing with a tooth that must be replaced. It is important that you get a replacement of some kind to avoid bone atrophy, tooth shifting, or other jaw, tooth, or gum damage. While dental implants may be the preferred procedure, the cost can vary quite a bit. The best way to learn how much it would cost to have a dental implant is to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists in Palm Harbor, FL.

A Long-Term Solution

One of the reasons the cost of dental implants is so appealing is because it is a life-long solution. Other procedures may cost less to perform, but they do not yield the same result. Dental implants are designed to connect with your jaw to become a permanent part of your mouth. This means you will likely save money by avoiding the costs of maintenance and repeat procedures. In addition, dental implants actually promote bone growth unlike removable appliances, which contribute to bone loss.

How to Determine Cost

Because your mouth is unique, the procedure will also be unique. Only your dental professional can tell you what your dental implant cost will be. Come see Dr. Dan Knellinger, Dr. Stacey Verkler, and Dr. Carol Bou-Sliman for a personalized consultation, where we’ll be better equipped to determine cost.

Factors that contribute to cost include:

  • Bone loss – Once a tooth has been lost, the bone quickly begins to deteriorate. If there is not sufficient bone for an implant to be place, a bone graft may be suggested.
  • Procedure type – Some aspects of the procedure are only needed in some cases. This could drive cost down or up depending on your mouth.
  • Number of affected teeth – Do you need one or multiple implants?
  • Necessary extractions – Are you in need of an extraction?
  • Other conditions – Gum disease or miscellaneous oral problems need to be addressed prior to an implant procedure.

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, or would like to learn if you are a candidate, schedule your consultation today. We can help determine fees and discuss financing options with you. We want to ensure our patients receive high-quality care and will work with you to create a healthy, beautiful smile.

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