Breaking The Thumb Sucking Habit

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When children are trying to ease themselves, they tend to suck their thumbs if they do not have a pacifier around. Parents tend to not think twice about thumb sucking, especially at a young age, but as time progresses it is severely important to have that habit broken. Thumb sucking may seem normal and fine, but it leads to serious consequences.

The consequences that arise from thumb sucking ends up causing major dental problems in the child’s future. Because of the pressure of the thumb, your child’s teeth may experience shifting. Pacifier’s do not give the same pressure because of the specific material used, so if your child is prone to sucking their thumb, you should try to prevent it by giving them an alternative. The pressure of the thumb will then misalign the child’s teeth, causing an overbite. This may also result in malformation of the roof of the mouth, because of the malleability of a child’s body.

The issues caused by thumb sucking will eventually lead into speech issues. Speech issues come from the misalignment of teeth, which could cause distortions and stop the tongue from forming proper shapes to speak words. These side effects can also alter the child’s ability to swallow, potentially causing choking.

Beyond the severity of oral issues, germs are prevalent on hands, so when your child is putting their hand constantly in their mouth, it can cause germ spreading and sickness. With the amount of solutions that are around, teaching a child to not rely on this method of calming themselves should be taught at a young age.

If you are having trouble getting your children to stop thumb sucking or you have experienced the above mentioned, call your dentist. It is important to seek dental attention in this case because they will be able to diagnose the issue and get you and your child the proper care, quickly. If you are looking for alternatives, you should try pacifiers with a mesh nipple, to put frozen fruits in, veggies, or regular pacifiers. If these aren’t solving your problems, schedule an appointment.

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