3 Ways to Care for Your Gums This National Gum Care Month

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September is National Gum Care Month, which makes it a good time to review smart gum care techniques. For many patients, the gums are neglected. However, it is important you take care of your gums just as you do your teeth. Gum disease in Palm Harbor, FL, is a common issue. In fact, gum disease affects approximately half of all adults 30-years-old and older in America, according to the Center for Disease Control. To help keep your gums healthy, you should:

1. Brush: Some people are nervous about brushing their gums because they want to avoid irritation. However, your gums should be brushed similarly to your teeth. Gently move your toothbrush in circular motions to ensure all foreign debris is removed. This helps reduce infection and other sources of inflammation. When done correctly, there should be little to no irritation.
2. Floss: Flossing can also help remove foreign bodies from your mouth. In this case, you are able to eliminate the food particles that may be stuck between your teeth. This can help reduce bad breath, swollen gums, painful chewing and other gum-related issues. When you floss and brush regularly, you are able to reduce your risks for gum disease.
3. Visit the Dentist: Finally, you should visit your dentist regularly. This will give you a chance to better understand the state of your oral health. If there are signs of gum disease, your dentist will be able to suggest laser dentistry, such as the LANAP® protocol, to treat the disease. The LANAP® protocol is an FDA-cleared laser treatment designed to regenerate bone growth, tooth structure and gum tissue with less pain and better success rates than traditional periodontal surgery.

While September is National Gum Care Month, you should be sure to take good care of your gums year round. Let our team help you understand your current oral health and what you can do to improve and maintain the state of your gums. Call 727-228-8000 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dan KnellingerDr. Stacey Verkler or Dr. Carol Bou-Silman today.

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