3 Honest Benefits of Teeth Whitening

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When looking at icons or celebrities in magazines or television, the aesthetically, bright white appearance of their smile is incredibly apparent. It’s enough to make even those with impeccable dental hygiene, self-conscious. With the advance technologies in the dental world, no matter what you consume or how stained your teeth have become, due to a various array of factors, there are safe and effective methods to brighten the appearance of your smile. Drs. Knellinger, Verkler, and Bou-Sliman perform cosmetic dentistry in Palm Harbor, FL, and can provide you with three excellent reasons why teeth whitening is important.

1. Cleaner Teeth 

Although whitening is a cosmetic approach, the process still involves removing stains and buildup from your teeth. Ultimately, it ensures that your teeth will be cleaner than before you started. Those who find value in teeth whitening will generally approach appropriate measures to ensure proper oral hygiene as well. Although this may not be the case for each individual, establishing optimal oral hygiene habits after an in-office or at-home whitening session is a great place to initiate such habits.

2. Confidence

Many people conceal their smiles, due to embarrassment or the lack of aesthetic appeal, with undesired yellowish shades. When teeth appear whiter, many individuals feel more compelled to display their bright and beautiful smiles to the world, displaying a newfound sense of confidence. This can be incredibly beneficial when interacting with people in casual and/or professional settings.

3. Overall Appearance Boost

The combination of cleaner teeth and added confidence, due to the brightened appearance of your smile, tends to invoke a happier appearance and behavior, affecting the whole body. When you feel more confident, it is very evident in your stride and demeanor.

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