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The LANAP Laser can treat your gum disease without a scalpel or sutures! LANAP is the gentle gum disease alternative!

LANAP is the first and only FDA cleared laser treatment for gum disease. Treat your gum disease and save your teeth!

PerioSciences has developed the market's first oral care line of products based on the power of antioxidants.

AO ProVantage Gel, AO ProRinse, and AO ProToothpaste

Dental Implants

Don't be embarrassed by your ill-fitting dentures or missing teeth anymore! Dental implants can restore the beauty and function of your smile! Dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. 

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Visit Palm Harbor Dentistry for one of the Best Dentists in Palm Harbor, FL

Palm Harbor Dentistry provides the finest dental care in Palm Harbor. We have built our patient relationships on a foundation of trust, respect, and expertise. If you are looking for the best dentist in Palm Harbor, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dan A. Knellinger, DMD, Dr. Stacey K. Verkler, DMD or Dr. Carol Bou-Silman, DMD, at Palm Harbor Dentistry.

Trust in one of the Finest Dentists in Palm Harbor, FL

Dr. Knellinger, Dr. Verkler and Dr. Bou-Silman will listen to your concerns, inform you of your options, and make recommendations based upon your best interest for the finest dental care. At Palm Harbor Dentistry, you can trust in Doctors Knellinger, Verkler and Bou-Silman to provide you with comprehensive information, expert insight, and the latest technological advances in dental care in Palm Harbor.

Respect for our Patients Results in the Best Dental Care in Palm Harbor, FL

We realize that dental emergencies crop up without warning, and you can count on us to schedule your appointment for urgent dental care in Palm Harbor, with the best dentist in Palm Harbor, as quickly as possible.

Our courteous, professional office staff wants to make your visit with the best dentist in Palm Harbor comfortable and convenient. We respect your valuable time and make every attempt to keep your time in the waiting room short when receiving dental care in Palm Harbor.

Expertise from one of the Best Dentists in Palm Harbor, FL

When you visit one of the best dentists in Palm Harbor, you receive the finest dental care in Palm Harbor:

• Implant dental care in Palm Harbor can replace your missing teeth, support your existing dental work, or even anchor your dentures.

Laser gum surgery by one of the best dentists in Palm Harbor treats your periodontal disease with less pain and downtime.

• Dental care in Palm Harbor includes cosmetic dentistry, such as crowns and bridges, veneers, and teeth whitening procedures.

• For straighter teeth and improved sleep, the best dentist in Palm Harbor offers Invisalign and Six Month Braces as well as dental appliances to treat sleep apnea with dental care in Palm Harbor.

If you want some of the best dental care in Palm Harbor, contact the doctors in Palm Harbor today.
  • Gum disease has been linked with health complications like stroke and pancreatic cancer.

  • Dental implants and LANAP are state-of-the-art periodontal procedures we offer!

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    Cosmetic dentistry can transform not only your smile but also your self-esteem!

  • Whether you need a cleaning or an extraction, our office can take care of your needs!