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Breaking The Thumb Sucking Habit

When children are trying to ease themselves, they tend to suck their thumbs if they do not have a pacifier around. Parents tend to not think twice about thumb sucking, especially at a young age, but as time progresses it is severely important to have that habit broken. Thumb sucking may seem normal and fine, but it leads to serious consequences.


The consequences that arise from thumb sucking ends up causing major dental problems in the child’s future. Because of the pressure of the thumb, your child’s teeth may experience shifting. Pacifier’s do not give the same pressure because of the specific material used, so if your child is prone to sucking their thumb, you should try to prevent it by giving them an alternative. The pressure of the thumb will then misalign the child’s teeth, causing an overbite. This may also result in malformation of the roof of the mouth, because of the malleability of a child’s body.

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Importance of Pediatric Care

There are different steps to go through while taking care of your oral hygiene as the years go on. From infant, to toddler, to young adult, slightly different rules apply for brushing your teeth and flossing.

When speaking to pediatric dentists, oral hygiene is as important for infants as adults. It is imperative for optimal oral hygiene from a very young age because it will prevent possible infections. Infections can be prevalent without proper oral hygiene for infants because they are so sensitive and new. On the soft tissues of infants, little cuts may appear from feeding. Bottles and pacifiers, along with teething toys may cause small abrasions, and without proper care, infection can begin.

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