September is National Self-Improvement Month and many people in and around Palm Harbor are taking proactive measures to shed pounds, make better food choices, and take action to correct problems that have been of concern for some time, in honor of celebrating this month of self wellness.

If you fall into this last category and have been awaiting the perfect time to take action to remedy your receding gums, this is the perfect opportunity to schedule a visit to Knellinger Dental Excellence, to inquire about whether a breakthrough, surgery-free procedure known as the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique, may be right for you. While more than 240 news stations around the world have reported on this technique and heralded its promise as a great gum graft alternative, it may not be ideal for all patients. Here is how to get a better idea of whether you may be a good candidate.

You Might Benefit From PST™ if…

Generally, the best PST™ candidates may have gums that have receded to a particular degree, but overall, still maintain strong oral health. If you have problems with gum recession but your overall oral health is exceptionally poor, Dr. Dan A. Knellinger, DMD, may propose an alternative treatment option. While Dr. Knellinger will ultimately decide if your candidacy is suitable for this treatment method, you may also want to note that the process itself is generally quick and relatively painless. Therefore, if your ability to resolve your gum issues has failed due to scheduling conflicts at work, you should know that the PST™ is performed within one visit, and that multiple areas within your mouth can be treated during that time, creating a convenient method of treatment for those who seek this option.

Contact Dr. Knellinger Today

If you are a resident of Palm Harbor or the surrounding areas and you seek technologically innovative options to remedy your gum disease, consider the PST™. Contact Knellinger Dental Excellence today at (727) 475-5519 to inquire about this groundbreaking treatment option, and its instantaneous, clinically proven results for optimal oral health.