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Has your dentist suggested that you have your wisdom teeth removed?

If you're really feeling worried about undertaking oral surgery in Palm Harbor, FL, you're not the only one. Many people's wisdom teeth emerge in between the ages of 17-25 and also start to create issues only fixed if they are removed. Understanding what to anticipate for this treatment can ease your dental anxiety and assist you in planning for your surgical treatment. You'll be back to your daily tasks in no time!   Why do I need my wisdom teeth removed? Wisdom teeth, also called "third molars", are the last teeth to establish in the mouth. For most individuals, there is not nearly enough space in their mouth for wisdom teeth. When these teeth start emerging, they commonly move diagonally or horizontally and become impacted. Without treatment, they can hurt nearby teeth, cause infection, and lead to various other issues. If you visit a dental professional consistently, she or he can check your wisdom teeth with regular x-rays and tell you when it's time to have them removed. What can I anticipate ...

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Why Should I Invest in Preventative Dentistry?

There’s a whole sector of dentistry dedicated to preventing remorseful “if only” statements: It’s called preventative dentistry. Get to know preventative dentistry - find out where you can have it professionally done and learn how you can make the most of it at home.

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6 Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy This Holiday Season

Ever wonder how you can keep your oral health on track during the holidays? Read this blog post to find out!

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3 Pleasant Ways Sedation Dentistry Makes Dental Visits Easier

Most people believe an anesthetic is only used in extreme dental treatments that result in a lot of pain. While it is necessary for those instances, there are other times when it is prudent for our dentists to use sedation dentistry in Palm Harbor, FL. Various types of anesthetics have been used to great effect to relieve dental anxiety, allowing patients to receive the treatments they require for better oral health. 1. Better Ability to Handle the Sights, Sounds and Smells of the Dentist’s OfficeThere are many reasons why people fear a trip to the dentist. Sometimes it is due to the array of unpleasant aromas in the vicinity. Other times it is due to hearing the scraping of metal instruments on teeth. In either situation, a patient can receive conscious sedation so that he or she is still awake but feels more at ease. 2. Reduced Gag ReflexPatients with a strong gag reflex may not like seeing a dentist for fear of being uncomfortable. If you know this describes you, then you should tell one of Knellinger Dent ...

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Osteoporosis and Your Oral Health

You naturally lose bone strength as you age, but osteoporosis can make the condition of your mouth worse. Learn more, here.

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How to Recognize the Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Are you suffering from impacted wisdom teeth? Learn more about the symptoms you shouldn't ignore, and how we can help.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Smile Healthy and Bright for the Holidays

Do you have a routine ready to combat the sugars of the holiday season? Here are some tips to help you keep your smile healthy!

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How Does My Diabetes Affect My Oral Health?

Diabetes can affect the health of your gums, and vice versa. Learn how Diabetes and gum disease can affect you and your health.

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